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Swiss Advice provides incomparable Insights, Expertise and Passion. We are your connection to the ASEAN market. Our services address and value your needs and can be divided into five main categories.

In each of these domains, we guide and support our clients through their venture from market analysis over strategic planning to implementation, while assuring fast and sustainable results.

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- Market Search
- Market Insights B2B, B2C and more
- Feasibility Study
- Market Entry Strategy
- Step-by-Step Go-to-Market Implementation Roadmap
- Business Process Outsourcing Facility Evaluation

- Supply Chain Analysis
- Supply Chain Strategy
- Supply Chain Risk Management
- Negotiation Support
- Legal Permits Administration
- Fund Raising

Market Entry 

& Expansion

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          With broad and deep local market knowledge and an international approach, Swiss Advice is supporting Swiss and other European SMEs and new businesses in entering the ASEAN market. The Asian Economic Community (AEC), especially Thailand, offers exciting opportunities for
enterprises seeking to expand their business. The combined ASEAN countries rank with regard to size, population and economic growth as the 5th largest market worldwide.


          Market entrants, however, are facing challenges, ranging from cultural business behaviour and language barriers, over legal frameworks to access to validated business data and sustainable sales channels. Establishing an operation in these countries can be very time-consuming and expensive. Swiss Advice helps their clients overcome these challenges and facilitates market access. With their proven methodology, Swiss Advice helps to minimize costs risks and maximize clients’ returns.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

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Business expansion through inorganic growth is another valuable way to enter ASEAN countries. Swiss Advice supports SME’s and new businesses in setting-up M&A and joint ventures and also matches innovative new ASEAN businesses with Swiss companies. Our experienced team applies a proven analysis and simulation method coupled with the maintenance of a broad network within ASEAN. We assist companies throughout the acquisition process or in establishing a joint venture. To assure successful M&A or JV’s we link acquisition strategy, due diligence and merger integration. We accompany our clients after a successful transaction as a local resource. We can provide advice and execution on an operational level or for strategic adjustments as needed.

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- Target & Partner Evaluation
- Operational & Financial Due Diligence
- Legal Permits and Administration
- M&A Advisory
- Joint Venture Set-Up
- Post-Merger Integration
- Partner Search and Evaluation

- Set Up of Meetings & Introduction

- Selection of most suitable Business Partners
- Negotiation with potential Strategic Business Partners
- Risk Management and Mitigation Strategy
- Asian Start-Up Venture Feasibility Studies for

  Joint Market Entry in Switzerland or Europe
- Fund Raising

Supply Chain

Managed Business Development

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          ASEAN, in particular, South East Asia contains the majority of the fastest growing economies, and its growing middle-income population is attracting not only large-scale companies to expand their businesses in the region. However, after considering the limited network, know-how, resources and
financials, a market entrance for SME’s & startups can be challenging.


          With our local knowledge, expertise and a strong network, we can facilitate a smooth market entry and thereby commercialize your products and services within ASEAN countries. For a designated period of time, we act as an extended business unit under your branding and control. Under the umbrella of Swiss Advice in Bangkok, we can minimize market entry risk by doing the heavy lifting for you. With our support, you can keep initial investments low and reduce time spent exploring new markets in the region.


- Managed Business Unit Platform
- Profit & Loss Reporting
- Direct & Indirect Sales and Networking
- Digital Marketing, PR & Event Management

- Sparring with Organizational Executives
- Conceptualizing Ideas and Confidential Projects
- Strategy Development
- Development of ROI plan

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Supply Chain Management & Sourcing

Open markets enable companies to source materials and outsource production to suppliers in developing and emerging economies such as the ASEAN countries.


Compared to large firms, who benefit from cross-border supply chain management, small and medium enterprises (SME’s) are often lagging behind in recognizing how the integrated supply chain can drive astonishing changes in business processes, in order to achieve better results related to quality services, cost reduction and efficiency.


Swiss Advice aims to support SME’s with contemporary holistic services from demand, sourcing and procurement, production and logistics processes management to embedding environmental, governmental and socio-cultural aspects. In an initial phase, we mainly provide services in the areas of supply chain market analysis, strategic and low-cost country sourcing and procurement support.

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- Country/Region Analysis & Assessment
- Supply Market Analysis
- Supply Chain Strategy
- Strategic Sourcing
- Low-Cost Country Sourcing
- Negotiation Support

- Supply Chain Diagnostics
- Supply Chain Risk Management
- Category Assessment
- Procurement Optimization
- Strategic Cost Management &

  Spend Analysis
- Business Process Re-Engineering


Foreign Direct Investment

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          The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 has set up ASEAN as a single
market that facilitates free flows of goods; and freer flows of services, investment, capital and skilled labour within the region. Thailand and the Philippines, but not limited to other ASEAN countries have the potential for further progress and expansion. Some can even become the centre of a new economy in the region and serve investors as a link to other fast-growing economic markets.


          In the last few years, both countries experienced double-digit growth in foreign direct investments (FDI’s), supported by the promotion of specifically established & new industrial zones and various tax and non-tax incentives. Swiss Advice is focused on supporting SME’s with FDI Services for business enhancement or diversification.

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- Business Trend Analysis
- Emerging & Developed Market Evaluation
  for Investment Pockets
- Private-Public Party Orchestration
- Negotiation Support
- Fund Raising

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