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Industry Focus & Expertise

The team at Swiss Advice Partners & Associates, along with their network of experts, possess extensive experience and a strong enthusiasm for various fields. While they focus primarily on areas such as Smart Cities, Smarter Air | Sea Ports, Circular Economies, and Nutrition & Lifestyle Economy, their expertise is not confined to these sectors alone. The team's wealth of knowledge and passion allows them to offer valuable insights and advice in a wide range of subjects.


We have a strong emphasis on supporting small and medium enterprises and emerging brands from but not limited to Switzerland, Germany & Austria.


In addition, we support innovative Technology Start-Ups from ASEAN countries to partner with their industry peers in Europe.

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Smartness in the City

By 2030, more than 5 billion people of the global population will live in cities.
Adding digital intelligence to the urban world and use it to solve public problems will result in a higher quality of live. Read More


Urban Mobility Tech

Bangkok, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur are among the region’s biggest cities, all with populations of 6.5 million or more. Every city has its own characteristics, but some are more similar than others. Read More


Green Technology

Green infrastructure creates a more livable city. Mega Cities are incorporating smart and green infrastructure components into their urban design policies. They adapt existing and new infrastructure systems. Read More

Smarter Airports

Airports are challenged to optimize their environmental-friendly efficiency, but also the traveler experience, and thereby generate new revenue streams for overall profitability. To address these needs they become more digitally connected in investing in new or upgraded green technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Read More

Smarter Seaports

South-east-asian sea ports proactively transform themselves stepwise into transshipment hubs and/or improve their productivity with solutions. They adapt innovative physical, or digital IoT technologies and develop themselves towards carbon decreased smart ports. Read More


Airport | Digital Traveler Experience


IoT can be applied in all steps of a travelers’ journey by constantly interacting with the airline, airport operators, authorities, and service providers. The trip could start from entering the car park or taxi arrival Read More


Airport | Operational Experience

Digitized operation at the airport can be seen from the perspective of the airplane travel from arrival to departure, and implementation of a digital architecture can be mapped across each step while considering individual stakeholders such as airline, airport operations, authorities, and service providers. Read More

Circular Economies

Challenges of a rapidly growing population in Asia are resource scarcity, urbanization, pollution, rising energy costs and water insecurity, coupled with the global pandemic that has disrupted supply chains, impacted stock markets, and has taken the lives of thousands of people. However, there is also the potential for economic growth of USD 324 billion and Read More


Efficiency Green Energy |  Waste | Water


In 2021, ASEAN introduced a framework⁴ for  the transition of its businesses towards circular models by optimizing energy consumption in production processes through green energy efficient technologies, and also by reducing Read More


Manufacturing | Industry IoT

Modern environmentally friendly and sustainable production companies use emerging technologies, ranging from planning over manufacturing up to the delivering and hosting. Their technologies features things such as edge computing, sensor technologies, industrial IoT systems Read More

Industry 4.0 infrastructure sharing | as a service

Those manufacturing companies already using digital technologies during the pandamic are better prepared to quickly adopt to the economic challenges. Others, who faced loss and a decline in markt shares, seek for ways to accelerate Read More

Nutrition & Lifestyle Economy

Increasingly, consumers view wellness through a much broader and more sophisticated lens, encompassing not just fitness and nutrition but also overall physical and mental health and appearance. Read More



Nutrition has always been an important part of wellness, but now consumers want food not only to taste good, but also to help them accomplish their wellness goals. 
More people become increasingly aware of ... 
Read More



Lifestyle needs are categorized in health, fitness, appearance, sleep and mindfulness.


Health associated with wellness extends beyond medicine and supplements to include consumer medical devices, as well a personal health trackers.



Enhanced and optimized physical city infrastructure, but also the breakdown of individual operating sub systems and digitalization, strongly support a city in becoming more efficient, convenient and sustainableRead More


Many consumers struggled to maintain pre COVID-19 fitness levels when they couldn’t go to their gyms as frequently or participate in sports in the same way as before. This has triggered the demand and consequently new service and product offerings that meet consumers’ needs in their homes in the past two years and possibly will remain in the years to come.



To improve the quality of citizens’ life, cities’ data systems gather and process information to enhance multiple services that help authorities plan the development of smart city services. 
Smart grid services operating on existing data work in an integrated way to incorporate values. 
Read More


Sea Port | Digital Port Technologies

Ports have gone through a structural and functional evolution over the past decades focusing to become a multifold service provider by enhancing its classical services, like towage and crane operations, with becoming a data service provider, Read More


Product Delivery

Delivering finished goods to customers is a complex, dynamic task that often involves third-party logistics partners. The pandemic crises reduced availability of transportation modes, added complexities such as new requirements for packaging and for safe last mile contactless delivery. In this context, digital and analytics solutions Read More


Consumers interest in appearance mainly involves wellness oriented apparel and beauty products. Functional fashion can embed numerous wellness benefits, such as clothes that adapt Read More


The ability to manage critical and complex supply chain complexity has become a major competitive advantage. Thus, sophisticated companies are using a digital supply chain tower to provide realtime insights into the performance of outbound logistics at every stage, from loading in the warehouse to unloading at the delivery point Read More


Sleep optimization is a relatively new category but is gaining in popularity. App-enabled sleep trackers and other sleep enhancing products has been introduced to meet consumers’ needs.


Warehouses present many opportunities for influenced automation. These include shuttle systems, automated material-storage and retrieval systems, smart shelves, smart picking robots and cobots, an automated and intelligent sorting, picking, and packaging systems, along with drones to perform inventory inspection. Read More



Smart cities create platforms for its citizens for a variety of digital services, ranging from e-Government services, over personalized education, peer-to-peer accommodation, to social connectedness. Read More


Mindfulness has recently gained full consumer acceptance and prioritization in form of meditation focused apps for relaxation, getting calm and staying focused.

Sea Port | Freight Forward

& Warehouse Technologies


Port operators increasingly explore new business models by venturing towards non-port businesses. They provide environmentally friendly, fast, sustainable and efficient end-to-end services Read More


Consumer Convenience

Wellness & Lifestyle enthusiastic users are defined as high-income but also social responsible consumers and the biggest spender in this category. The mid-upper class society actively follow ... Read More

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