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Industry Focus & Expertise

The vast experience and passion of the Swiss Advice Partners & Associates and a pool of Experts revolve around the segments Industry Technology, Digital Technology, Creative & High-Value Services and Consumer Goods.


We have a strong emphasis on supporting small and medium enterprises and emerging brands from but not limited to Switzerland, Germany & Austria.


In addition, we support innovative Technology Start-Ups from ASEAN countries to partner with their industry peers in Europe.

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Digital Technologies

Industry Technologies

Creative High Value Services

Consumer & Lifestyle Products Industry

Is social commerce a need within the ASEAN countries?

Your new venture is supported with a pool German, French, and English speaking industry experts.

Coping with business and consumer needs!

ASEAN's millennials also care about health & lifestyle.


Consumer & Lifestyle Products

The FMCG industry, dominated by mass brands since decades, is losing steam in performance growth through shifting consumer behaviour coupled with technology-driven trends.

Millennial consumers differentiate fundamentally from older generations as they mostly avoid big company mass brands and channels... Read More

Digital B2B Market Places

Firms of all sizes are challenged by increased customer expectations to provide state of the art products & services. They address the needs by enhancing their portfolio in making alliances with other companies or even with competitors... 
Read More


Blockchain is a shared, secured and encrypted public ledger of data records or direct transactions between the users. The digital sign-up is open to inspection by every participant but not subject to any form of central control. Read More


“Fintech is an industry made up of organizations using novel financial technology to support or enable financial services” Most affected, within this emerging fintech landscape and the access of global wide transparent data.. Read More


Mobility Tech

Health & Medical-Tech

Agriculture, Biological and Food Tech

At the end of 2017, the population of the ASEAN region reached 643 million, and according to the IRENA (renewable energy outlook ASEAN) it is estimated to reach 692 million by 2025... Read More

Bangkok, Manila,Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, are among the region’s biggest cities, all with populations of 6.5 million or more. Every city has its own characteristics, but some are more similar than others... Read More

ASEAN is expecting to count for a population of 720 million by 2025 and its demographics are shifting to an elder population. In particular, people reaching retirement age are in the process to outpace the working-age generations. Read More

The Hospitality Industry is an important economic activity in most countries around the world. In particular, the economies within the ten countries of the ASEAN region have the greatest current and future investment needs for the Tourism & Travel sector Read More

All businesses, regardless of industry or geography, face the challenge of fostering their relationship with current clients, while at the same time building relationships with new ones... Read More

In progress...

Digital Marketing

Business Data


Technology providers in agriculture and food tech are required. Globally, the caloric consumption for human and animal feeding is increasing continuously in tandem with the demand for the crop. Read More

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